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Electronic version of  “ARMENIA: The Survival of a Nation”, revised second edition © 1990 Christopher J. Walker


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ARMENIA: The Survival of a Nation


Christopher J. Walker


Revised second edition © 1990 Christopher J. Walker

Electronic version


Prepared by:

Arshak Z. Davidian (Bahoudian) MD & Alice E. Hovasapian MD


Christopher J. Walker, who kindly renounced all copyright claims to this electronic version (28.06.2005) for the purpose of publication on the worldwide web.


The current electronic version is a true copy of the original text without any changes whatsoever. It contains the original page numbers, endnotes, biographical notes, select bibliography and index so that researchers can make use of it as reference material. The only difference to the original book is the absence of the maps.


The present electronic version is being made available to the internet community free of charge. Payments or any other form of charging cannot be requested for reading, downloading or printing this document or any part of it for personal use. For any other purposes not mentioned herein, please apply to the author, Christopher J. Walker, for permission.


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